Product Care

How to care for your products

Rope: We recommend simply washing and scrubbing our products by hand with warm water and a bit of soap. To keep the rope soft, you can rub the rope gently with baby oil and wash it out. If you want to wash your leash completely, it is recommended to put the leash in a fabric bag at a maximum of 85° F (30° C) in the washing machine. Do not put in the dryer.

Leather: Be careful when it comes to cleaning leather parts. The leather parts are only dry cleaned and should not be washed hot. Our finely tanned leather is a sensitive natural product that can react easily and sensitively to external influences. Too much water and moisture or too much exposure to sunlight can make the material slightly wider, stain in very rare cases and can get scratches and cracks after some time. Since we only get fresh leather delivered, we can not guarantee to prevent this with our natural product. Altough it gives the leather with continuous wearing its own character. You can slow down the process by avoiding too much moisture and avoiding being left in the sun on hot days with strong UV radiation. It is also recommended to maintain your leather with special leather grease and soft brushes if necessary. Dirt such as mud etc. can alternatively be dried and then brushed gently with a soft brush.

Buckles & Carabiners: All of our buckles and carabiners are easy to bring back to shine with brass cleaner. You can polish the elements to guarantee a new shine.

Beds & Covers: All covers and interior materials (for example inner cushions) are washable. Covers are washable at 85° F (30° C) in the washing machine and also suitable for dryers. Please note, when choosing a dryer, to set it for delicate fabrics.